Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When I bought this bamboo yarn I had high hopes of how it would knit up. I hoped it wouldn't be slippery and splitty like the BeSweet Bamboo I used for my Chicabean Scarf. I hoped it wouldn't be scratchy like the Stretch Sock yarn from which I made Fingerless Gloves last year. As well I had my fingers crossed that the colours wouldn't pool like my Regia sock yarn experience earlier this year. But really, after buying six skeins in a fit of enthusiasm at the Knitter's Fair, I just hoped I didn't regret the expense.

Now that I've knit more than 5 inches of the leg of my Mr. Pitt's Sock, regret is the furthest thing from my mind. The colours are great, the yarn is easy to work with, and the knitted fabric is unbelievably soft and comfortable. The only regret I have is that I didn't buy more, but that's easily rectified once I knit through what I have.

More good news - Buffy and Don of Shelridge Farm promptly emailed the missing charts for my Funky Mittens, as well as their effusive apologies. Which is great, but I ran into trouble at the set up rounds for the thumb gusset and have frogged the mitts for now. Maybe after Hat Wars I'll get back to them? Buffy did say I could call and she'd talk me through!

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