Saturday, September 26, 2009

the first mitten

It was almost midnight when I finished the left mitten. For whatever reason, the colourwork charts, the colour changes and the interesting shaping techniques kept pulling me forward until the mitten was done. I was well into the mitten when I discovered that I was going to be learning a new technique - the afterthought thumb. Waste yarn is used to isolate the thumb stitches within the mitten. After the body of the mitten is finished, the waste yarn is removed and the loose stitches above and below are picked up to knit the thumb. It sounded a bit worrisome, but it's easier than it sounds. The result is a very different mitten than what I've knit before - different thumb, longer cuff and very flat geometric shaping at the top - but well fitting and very comfortable to wear. Can't wait to try cuffs with Latvian braids and fringes. Yeah, there's going to be a lot more mittens on my needles I think!

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