Sunday, November 4, 2018

Year of Project 8: Week 19

I've had lots to say about how little I'm enjoying knitting Feny Socks...

... I don't love working a long provisional cast on
... I don't love knitting flat
... I don't love reading charts back and forth rather than in the round
... I don't love that much purling
... I don't love long stretches of colour work
... I don't love grafting long seams
... I don't love picking up stitches from patterned side edges
... I don't love knitting on circular needles
... I don't love cutting yarn and restarting at a different spot over and over again
... I don't love investing that much time and effort without being able to test the fit of the sock


So I will finish both socks, as painful as that may be. Admittedly I procrastinated throughout sock one but now I'm re-energized and hope to get the pair done in the next couple of weeks.

I had originally planned to knit the first sock with brown as the MC and blue as the CC, then knit sock two with the colours reversed. That way, I reasoned, I have the same amount of each colour left over to do Double Heelix Socks. Instead Gavin is laying claim to these socks, and he does NOT want opposite socks, so matching socks they will be. I'll just have to see if I have anything else in stash that will work for Double Heelix.

Last week I also cast on Bill Huggins Socks, but after working one repeat of the woven pattern at the top of the leg I decided that I wasn't loving the pattern so that's been ripped out  and the pattern removed from my list.

This morning I opened another paper bag to reveal my November Paper Bag Project - it's Songbird Yarn & Fibres Sock in Ruby Throated Hummingbird for Diamondback Socks. I won't cast on at least until I've finished my Feny Socks. I still have to finish my Nain socks too but there's no deadline for those!

2018 Paper Bag Project - November and December

      Twisted Flower Socks - using Hikoo CoBaSi yarn in Egyptian Blue
      Diamondback Socks - using Songbird Fibers Sock in Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Full Skeins from stash

      Somewhere Socks - using Mountain Colour mini set
      Pairfect Socks - using Regia Pairfect
      Mood - using unknown variegated blue yarn
      Kazak - using unknown tonal purple yarn
      Harris Tweed Socks - using Wollemeise self-striping green/gold/red yarn

    Large (more than 50 grams) and Small (less than 50 grams) scraps from stash

          Salor - in various tan, orange and brown small scraps
          Vanilla Bean Striped Socks - in various colourful small scraps
          Squircle Socks  -  in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
          Escape Reality Socks - in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
          Bill Huggins - in various scraps
          Mosaic Marbles socks - using Langwoll Magic Dégradé scraps with black (or white)
          Checkbox Socks - using large scraps
          Hearty Stripey Socks - using various scraps
          Double Heelix Socks - using leftovers from Feny Socks
          Jelly Rolls - using all the leftover Stretch Bamboo in various colours