Friday, September 5, 2008

row after row

Nine repeats done - my Chicabean scarf is progressing. And it does get easier as it goes. Which is exactly what I hoped for, so I should be happy, contentedly knitting rows of my favourite cables, blissfully enjoying this lovely yarn, right?

So I feel bad admitting I'm bored. Tired of this same repeat over and over again. Fed up with splitty yarn. Sick of tinking and peering at each stitch. After 9 repeats, 72 rows, 2952 stitches, I don't think there's too much more excitement to be had from this scarf.

But an average scarf is 48-50 inches long - not the measly 9 inches I've knit so far. At least 39 more repeats, or 312 more rows, or 12,792 more stitches before it's finished. A bit overwhelming, thinking of it that way. Time to be disciplined and get this finished. It helps to think how great it'll be when it's done. But it also helps to know that the next project will be a fabulous pair of socks for the September KnitAlong.

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