Monday, September 28, 2009

Alpaca Farm Days

Alpaca Farm Days
- now there's a holiday I hadn't noticed on my calendar before! It only came to my attention because of a Ravelry post mentioning an Open House at a local farm, Heronview Alpacas. At the farm, Lori loaded up a bucket of feed and led us into the pasture where the Alpacas gathered to eat from our hands. The cria (baby Alpacas) were a bit shy, but the adult Alpacas were very friendly. We lucked out with the weather; the sun shone brightly from the moment we arrived at the farm, a nice change from the earlier drizzle. Honey, Alicia, Dew Drop, Dillon, Gidget, Sunny .... we weren't there long enough for me to figure out which was which, but they struck me as variously sweet, funny, playful and curious characters. Well worth a visit!

In other news, my package of knitted goods has made it to the Warm Hands Network in Ottawa in time for the October shipment to Labrador. In fact, they were so kind as to feature photos of a couple of my knitted blankets in their blog. Glad they like'em!


Susan said...

They are all adorable, but no farm for me. Although I almost brought home a kitten.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

So cute! I love alpacas. We have several farms around here. I love how each one is so distinct, both in marking and personalities

Frieda said...

I had no idea aboutthe Alpaca Farm days either , until my husband pointed out an ad in our local paper . Saturday was too gorgeous to stay home , so we also went out for a drive to a small alpaca breeder near here . Who knew ? I bought some yarn for a scarf , the label has the names of the animals that the fibre came from . How cool is that ! They have a boutique , so I can indulge any alpaca yarn yearnings I might have .

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I would have tried to smuggle one out under my jersey!