Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hat Wars - the wait continues

Another day, another visit from the Postman, and still nothing .... my Hat Wars competition continues. Yesterday Pointyknitja posted on a Ravelry forum that she had finished and mailed her hat. That's of interest to me, because had she still been working on that hat when my hat arrived in her mailbox, then I would have inherited responsibility for finishing and mailing her hat to her target. She has saved me the trouble.

Of course, Canada Post may have something to say about the whole thing. When I posted the hat they said it would be delivered Tuesday. When I tracked it online on Tuesday, the website said it would be delivered Wednesday (today). And when I tracked it today, the website shows that it supposed to be delivered in Quebec today, but that the package is still in Toronto. Quite possibly the hat is lost in the mail - maybe Pointyknitja will win the whole competition! Maybe the hat intended for me is also lost or delayed in our mail system. Our inept postal system seems to give us Canadians an inadvertent advantage.

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