Sunday, July 31, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 5


I'm ready to turn the heel on my second sock in Kroy Turquoise Stripes, but never mind that! I found my Volturi Palace Socks project, hiding in plain sight of course, exactly where it was supposed to be. Not sure how I missed it on the first few searches. It's a relief to stop wondering whether I left it behind somewhere.

The Volturi Palace pattern by Rachel Coopey is one that's been on my favourites list for a long time. It combines a little bit of colourwork with patterned columns up the foot and leg. It's a really stretchy pattern too, so it's going to be a really well-fitted pair of socks. Those familiar with the Twilight Series will recognize the designer's inspiration for the sock pattern, but it means nothing to me. It's just a fun and attractive pattern as far as I'm concerned.

The yarn is 80/20 Sock from Shelridge Yarns in Aubergine and Natural White. It's one of my favourite sock yarns of all time. The Aubergine is especially beautiful  - it's mostly solid with little flecks of darker, lighter and golden tones. I bought it a few years ago in a little shop in Lakefield when we were cottaging on Stoney Lake, expressly with this pattern in mind.

So the plan now is to finish the Kroy Socks this week, then move on to the Volturi Palace socks. Thankfully I was tracking my rows in Knit Companion so I should be able to pick up exactly where I left off. If you're not familiar with Knit Companion, it's a very handy iPad app that makes it super easy to keep track of progress through knitted charts. I've been using it for years and won't go back to printing out patterns and marking them.

Over at Wandering Cat Studio, Valerie has announced her plan for "Austere August". I can get behind that. I'll admit that I was engaging in some magical thinking - along the lines of ordering solid colour sock yarns to combine with my sock yarn scraps. But honestly, I DO have solid colour yarns on hand to use up, so I should really start there!

Have a great week everyone, and I hope to 'see' you again next Sunday for my next Year of Projects 12 update. Year of Projects is a group on Ravelry - you're very welcome to join us if you are interested.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 4


The first sock is done. See how little yarn is left from that first ball of Kroy? I'm glad I added black; this would be a very short sock without the added stripes!

Most of the sock was knit with 64 st rounds, but as I lengthened the leg I increased 8 sts total to add some ease to the calf. And then to finish I used this stretchy bind off. It's stretchy enough without loose stitches or a ruffled edge.

My priority should be Sock #2, but instead I'm thinking about what to knit next. I'd really like to find that missing pair of Volturi Palace socks! It's a quiet rainy Sunday so perhaps I'll take some time to tidy and reorganize my craft drawers in search of the missing project.

If I don't find the missing socks then my next project might be Solace by Anne Fletcher with a variegated purple sock yarn. It looks like good TV knitting! Another option involves a ball of Opal Glitter Mit Silbereffectkt in their "Flash" colourway. I wonder what it would look like in alternating rows with a solid colour yarn? And I wonder if I have any solid colour leftovers in my stash that would work. At this point I'm really tempted to buy a few skeins of natural colour sock yarn for combining with multicolour leftovers. Hmmm, let me think on that.

But, of course, Sock #2 in Kroy Turquoise Stripes will be next. If I don't do it now, who knows when it will get done. Happy crafting everyone. If you'd like to join our Year of Project group, look for us here on Ravelry!

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 3

Sorry for missing last week. I was crazy busy with work and other obligations, leaving me with no chance to knit, or blog, or anything else for that matter. But I think I'm through the worst of it, and in the last few days I've had a chance to return to these socks.

These are my Kroy Turquoise Stripes Socks. I've used the recipe for a flap-and-gusset heel from Modern Knitting found here. I'm a big fan of German Short Rows with their very tidy double stitches. It makes a really nice heel with no holes.

I was thinking that I'd make a smaller pair of socks for a friend, but I tend to mindlessly knit socks to my exact size. My feet are long and narrow, and everyone else's feet seem improbably small when I'm eyeballing where to start gusset increases. Oh well, I'll get good use of them. Sorry friend, you're out of luck again!

Although my original intention was knit until the yarn was gone, anyone who has used Kroy before knows that the yardage is scant for large socks. Rather than settling for a short leg, I'm adding some stripes of leftover black yarn. I think it's not too discordant with the original stripes. And yes, I switched to k2p2 rib to make for a really comfortable sock. 

I hope to finish sock one in the next few days and get a start on sock two. Back in the day I'd have the pair finished by the end of the week, but that's not likely to happen  these days. Earlier in the year, I'd been taking part in daily and weekly art challenges and I'm hoping to get back into routine sketching as well as knitting.

Have a great week everyone. If you're interested in joining the group of us doing a Year of Projects, you can find us on Ravelry here

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 01

It's been a minute since my last blog post, huh? So many things happened - some good and some bad - but life's like that, right? But I'm still here and I'm still knitting, so I'm rejoining my virtual knitting friends and picking up my blog where I left off.

Today marks the first day of the first week of the Year of Projects - a Ravelry Group of like-minded knitters trying to set goals for the year ahead and find motivation to finish those projects. For this year, my plan is to finish the projects I have on the go and then work though more of the yarn I have on hand. 

First project: Kroy Turquoise Stripes socks. I picked up the yarn at Michaels and started these socks a few weeks ago. The yarn is really nice. Lately I've been finding a lot of sock yarns are thinner than I'd like, but not this one, it's just perfect. And what lovely colours!My plan is to knit monogamously on these socks until they're done. I'm knitting toe-up vanilla socks so it's mindless TV knitting. And I decided to knit toe-up so that I can carry on until all the yarn is gone. The last thing I need are more sock yarn scraps!

Second and third projects: Purple socks, two pairs. I received two skeins of sock yarn as a gift last year and thought I might like to combine them in a scrappy lengthwise scarf. But honestly, I'm finding the result disappointing. The new plan is to frog the scarf and knit socks instead. 

The variegated purple will be some very plain ribbed socks. It's too busy a yarn for much pattern - maybe something like "Solace" by Anne Fletcher? Or maybe even simpler than that?

The solid purple yarn is definitely intended for a fancy pattern. Maybe "Pastiche" or "Clerestory" by Makenzie Alvarez? I'm definitely feeling drawn to architectural types of patterns these days!

Fourth project: Volturi Palace Socks. These were started more than a year ago and I have since misplaced them - hence no photo. The two colours of yarn are from Shelridge Farms - natural and mulberry colours. If I don't happen across this project in the next couple of weeks, then a closet clean up is in order. I remember them being a very satisfy, not altogether vanilla knit.

Also on the list in no particular order: 

• I was given the book Saltwater Mittens for my birthday last year, as well as the necessary Briggs & Little yarn. In the colder months at the beginning of the year I found myself really enjoying knitting these colourful mitts and completed three pairs in succession. I'd like to work through more of the patterns, although perhaps waiting until after the heat of summer is passed.

• I'd like to work through more sock yarn scraps using patterns like "Color Palette Socks" by Laura Moorats. It's always to see how the scraps play together!

• I have a quantity of Butterfly Cotton (DK) in burgundy that I'm considering for a summer top like "Ardea" by Ksenia Naidyon 

See you next week!