Friday, January 9, 2009

train spotting

Lots of progress on my Blackberrylicious sock. As you can see the pattern is starting to show nicely. And I'm coping with the p3togs, although they really slow me down. No progress on the baby blanket - the socks seem to have my undivided attention.

Lately I've been reading about knit-spotting on the TTC. On one Ravelry forum, knitters post when they see other knitters on the transit routes. eg. "Spotted on Lawrence 54A Eastbound at Cedarbrae at 6:14pm, knitting Fetching in light blue alpaca ..." I'm constantly amazed by knitters who can identify pattern, yarn and colourway from just a glimpse of knitting still on needles. And it gives you an idea of what a small world it is, especially when another post minutes later says "That was me. You were knitting green mittens on straight bamboo needles, right?"

I haven't been officially "spotted" on the GO Train, but when the guys come around to check tickets they usually ask what I'm knitting and for whom. Transit riders mostly keep to themselves, eyes down and headphones in. But now I'm going to peer around a bit more - see if I can spot any other knitters.


Susan said...

You know when I went to Rhinebeck it was a lot of fun seeing the patterns I've looked at or made on other people. It was amazingly easy to spot all the Feb Lady sweaters & Clapotis(es) and I was very flattered when someone asked me about my sweater.

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

feel free to glance around but not when p3tog!
the socks look wonderful, btw