Saturday, January 31, 2009

the 2 row rule

January can be difficult. Post Christmas letdown, the arrival of holiday bills, short days, cold temperatures, and oh yeah, snow and slush - there's not much good to say about January. It's easy to get tired and annoyed, and boy was I both yesterday. But then I saw a suggestion on one of the Ravelry forums - the 2 row rule. Before expressing annoyance or anger, first knit 2 rows. The knitter's equivalent of taking a deep breath and counting to 10. Good idea!

This morning, on this last day of January, I wove in the last few ends from my Renee Baby Blanket. I finished the knitting last night. What's left? Measuring 162 lengths of yarn, each 7" long for the tassels. And then wash, block and dry the blanket. I should mention, I wove in the ends using duplicate stitching on the reverse side of the blanket - thanks to this article - and the result is great.

Next? Let's see if I can get a second Tidal Wave Sock done correctly!

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