Friday, January 30, 2009

2 steps backwards

Well into the leg of my second Tidal Wave sock I went off the rails. Or whatever the correct knitting terminology is for that moment when you look down and realize that you have the wrong number of stitches and have missed some pattern rows. It was all so far off that I thought, Oh well, I'll rip it out and start a fresh project at my first SnB at Creative Yarns.

How was the Snb? Really good, actually. The store is in a strip mall at the intersection of two major streets, making it easy to find with plenty of parking. Nina, the store owner, showed me lots of great sock yarn choices and then took my coat and handed me a really good cup of coffee. The other knitters were all friendly and relaxed. Two hours flew by very pleasantly - I think I'll try to make it most Thursday evenings.

Returning home I felt quite pleased with myself. I'd attended my first SnB. I felt confident that I'm as good a knitter as most of the attendees - so I wasn't too nervous or embarrassed. I'd found a new LYS and emerged with just one ball of nice sock yarn. And I'd cast on and knit the cuff of my first Sprockets Sock from the pattern charts. Yes, I was really quite pleased with myself ... until I realized that I worked all the charts backwards. Everything I'd knit was wrong. Knitting charts are worked from right-to-left because you knit from right-to-left. And I had knit them from left-to-right, the way you read a sentence. Wonder if the others noticed?

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