Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bits of good news

Look ... a finished sock! Cast on Sunday, finished Tuesday. That's about as close to instant gratification as I've ever experienced knitting. I played with a new yarn, learned a new stitch pattern and created a lovely little sock. I'm gushing, I know, but I'll admit now that I wasn't looking forward to knitting this sock. It wasn't my first choice of pattern, not even in my top five, so it's been a pleasant surprise. That's one thing about a KAL - it pushes me to try patterns and techniques that I wouldn't otherwise.

A bit more good news? I've stopped dragging my feet on my Renee Baby Blanket. I worked one more repeat last night, leaving one pattern repeat to work before the knitting is finished. As usual getting started again was the hardest part. It took a couple of rounds to get comfortably back into the pattern, but I'm getting better at reading my knitting to detect what stitches I've worked. In just a few days I'll have a beautiful blanket finished and ready to welcome the new baby in May.

And surprisingly, the news on the radio this morning is largely positive. Developments in the US banking system have led to some optimism on Wall Street. In Ottawa, the budget tabled yesterday has generated some enthusiasm on this side of the border. And, despite the snow storm forecast for today, I can feel it - Spring is coming.

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Soo said...

Great looking sock. I keep considering joining one of the sock KAL because I like the idea of trying new patterns -- but expect I'm too much of a control freak!! :)

Thanks for the manly sock suggestions.