Monday, April 2, 2012

Surmount the Stash April Update

Typically after three months of a year long resolution yarn diet motivation starts to fade, but not so! Things really clicked for me this month.

Monthly budget of $50 for all knitting related expenses: I ended last month $46.14 over budget and  pledged not to spent one more cent in March. I didn't quite manage that, but I did manage to sell a stack of old craft magazines on Kijiji for $35.00. I spent $12 mailing monsters to Isaida and mailing a SIBOL square to the UK. As well, I spent $6.00 for the Daphne and Delilah pattern, plus $6.50 for the Rib and Braid Pullover pattern. Tallying it all up, I end March with a smaller deficit of $35.64.

It's going to be a challenge to stay in budget this month though - there's always major temptation at the Knitter's Frolic marketplace. There's little chance that I'll leave empty-handed, so I'm planning projects for which I could buy a small amount of yarn to combine with yarn I already have on hand. That feels a bit like stash-busting doesn't it?

Manage my WIPs: Last month I started and finished one charity square, one dishcloth, one Barbie outfit, one pair of fingerless gloves, two pairs of monsters, one pullover and one pair of socks. Here we are on the second of April  - I plan to cast on a pair of socks this morning because there's nothing else on my needles. Unbelievable!

Plan projects to work through my inventory of yarns in my Stash: Lots of projects started and finished but no yarn purchased, so obviously I've done well here. At a guess I'd say I've knit through about 2500-2600 yards. About half of that was worsted weight used in monsters and my pullover so now my stash LOOKS noticeably smaller. How nice is that?

And if you're wondering, it IS vest weather today and I AM wearing a new vest, but more on that tomorrow!


Pumpkin said...

So glad to hear that your yarn diet is going so well! I'm so impressed at how well you are doing! I'm trying not to give in to temptation right now because Webs just started their anniversary sale. Glad to hear you are wearing the vest!

pinkundine said...

Looks like a successful month! Using a combo of stash yarn and new yarn in the same project counts for me, if the stashed yarn would have stayed in stash had it not been for the purchase of new yarn to go with it (if that even makes sense!)

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Yay, sounds successful! Any month where you have more yarn being used than purchased is a victory in my book!