Tuesday, April 17, 2012

moebius knitting

I think I mentioned yesterday that I planned to knit a second cowl, right? Well I've settled on this Bulky Moebius Cowl but now I have to learn about moebius knitting. YouTube and Cat Bordhi to the rescue!

I cast on following along with the online video instructions and worked the first half dozen rows of the pattern. To make a moebius you seem to be knitting around the top of the circle on your needles and then around the bottom. It's very hard to visualize how it'll look finished or to get an idea of size when it's on the needles like this. Mostly it looks like I'm knitting a bird's nest. I had a gut feeling it was knitting up too large - in no small part because of how quickly I was chewing through yarn - so I decided after a half dozen rows to pull the work off the needles, lay it flat and measure it. Yep, my first cowl attempt was way too big; once it was off the needles I could loop it twice around my neck with plenty to spare. I'm glad I stopped and checked. Checking the pattern and my gauge I realized that I was using the recommended size needles for the yarn, but the pattern suggests needles considerably smaller. That's a good place to start. Also the pattern is written for two sizes so on my second attempt I'll cast on for the smaller size. And then we'll see, wont' we?

Once I get the sizing figured out it looks like the cowl's going to take about an hour to knit from start to finish. Cool! Barring anything unforeseen I should have this finished by the end of my work day. It's instant gratification alright, this knitting in super bulky yarn. I'm keen to see how it finishes - if it's fabulous I may need to make a few more in some gorgeous hand-painted handspun. They'd be awesome Christmas gifts!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I always like trying a really new and cool construction technique. Always fun. (and lots of ripping)

Kepanie said...

Very cool. I assume you're using the Cat Bordhi CO? I think that one's the best.

Anonymous said...

Really? Just an hour??? You could knit up a whole BUNCH of those for Christmas.

Nicky said...

An hour?!!!! I'm down with that. I should add this pattern to my Christmas list patterns.

Thanks for the links and the review. Can't wait to see your finished Moebius.