Sunday, July 31, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 5


I'm ready to turn the heel on my second sock in Kroy Turquoise Stripes, but never mind that! I found my Volturi Palace Socks project, hiding in plain sight of course, exactly where it was supposed to be. Not sure how I missed it on the first few searches. It's a relief to stop wondering whether I left it behind somewhere.

The Volturi Palace pattern by Rachel Coopey is one that's been on my favourites list for a long time. It combines a little bit of colourwork with patterned columns up the foot and leg. It's a really stretchy pattern too, so it's going to be a really well-fitted pair of socks. Those familiar with the Twilight Series will recognize the designer's inspiration for the sock pattern, but it means nothing to me. It's just a fun and attractive pattern as far as I'm concerned.

The yarn is 80/20 Sock from Shelridge Yarns in Aubergine and Natural White. It's one of my favourite sock yarns of all time. The Aubergine is especially beautiful  - it's mostly solid with little flecks of darker, lighter and golden tones. I bought it a few years ago in a little shop in Lakefield when we were cottaging on Stoney Lake, expressly with this pattern in mind.

So the plan now is to finish the Kroy Socks this week, then move on to the Volturi Palace socks. Thankfully I was tracking my rows in Knit Companion so I should be able to pick up exactly where I left off. If you're not familiar with Knit Companion, it's a very handy iPad app that makes it super easy to keep track of progress through knitted charts. I've been using it for years and won't go back to printing out patterns and marking them.

Over at Wandering Cat Studio, Valerie has announced her plan for "Austere August". I can get behind that. I'll admit that I was engaging in some magical thinking - along the lines of ordering solid colour sock yarns to combine with my sock yarn scraps. But honestly, I DO have solid colour yarns on hand to use up, so I should really start there!

Have a great week everyone, and I hope to 'see' you again next Sunday for my next Year of Projects 12 update. Year of Projects is a group on Ravelry - you're very welcome to join us if you are interested.


Maureen D said...

I do like Knit Companion but I wish it worked as well on my Kindle as it does on IPads.
Maybe some day. Still it is great for tracking rows and repeats. The highlighting is essential for Brioche.

Leftycrafter said...

Those two colors together are quite striking. Not being in the know about the Twilight series, I still like the pattern of the socks. I looked at my sock yarn the other day and estimated I will be well over 100 years old before I use it all up.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful sock! Rachel Coopey's patterns are always so intricate!!!
Welcome to Austere August! May the odds be ever in your favour!!!

Breathing Life said...

That sock design is lovely. I have read the Twilight series, but the pattern doesn't ring a bell in this old girl's head.

Lucy Bowen said...

I do remember enjoying Rachel Coopey patterns - I must return to some more exciting sock patterns - it's been a while!

Anonymous said...

That aubergine colour is lovely contrasting with the light colour. I've tried tracking knitting on different apps but the last few years I've gone back to printing the patterns and writing notes and gate bars. I can't remember if the one you mention is one I tried. Liz (highlandheffalump)