Sunday, August 7, 2022

Year of Projects 12: Week 6


My Kroy Turquoise Stripes Socks aren't done yet.  Almost, but not quite, done. I'm about half way through the ribbing on the leg of the second sock and expect to finish them in the next day or two. And then on to Volturi Palace Socks as my focus for the remainder of August.

I've got an exact time frame in mind, because I've signed up for the Monster Musselburgh KAL on Instagram (#MonsterMusselburghKAL). Two knitters that I follow - @circletoes and @smcarn - are hosting the KAL. Every year they run a Monster Sock KAL, but this year they're doing a hat rather than socks. The pattern is Musselburgh by Ysolda Teague. The KAL runs from September 1 to October 15. Participants must use scrap yarn and/or mini sets. 

The Musselburgh pattern is written for your choice of 9 gauges, from light fingering to DK, to make a reversible double-layered hat in your choice of 6 sizes, from baby to adult extra-large. That should work with ALL my scraps. And I suspect these will make good Christmas gifts!

In anticipation of the September 1st cast on, I've organized three collections of sock yarn scraps as shown in my photo. At the top are blues and greys, at the right are greens, browns and neutrals and on the left are pinks and purples. The tough part is choosing where to start. As I was sorting the scraps I thought that I'd be starting with the blues and greys, but seeing them in collections like this I'm now leaning towards the greens, browns and neutrals. Hmmmm. What do you think?

In other news, I had a slight stumble in my Austere August plans. At a garage sale on Saturday morning, I picked up two 50g balls of Regia 6-fâdig sock yarn in a tweedy charcoal grey and one 100g ball of SRK On Your Toes Sock with Aloe Vera yarn in a tweedy brown - for $2 each and a grand total of $6. That was too much of a bargain to pass up! The garage sale had bins and bins of crafty goods - quilting fabrics, embroidery kits, needle felting supplies, beading supplies and tools, sewing patterns, and yarn - so I really think I controlled myself pretty well in the face of a great deal of temptation!

Have a great week everyone. To find out more about the Year of Projects, have a look here on Ravelry!


Leftycrafter said...

Your KAL sounds interesting. You certainly do have your yarn fornot well organized. I don't think garage sale yarn counts as stash enhancement lol.

MaureenHL said...

It would be criminal not to purchase such deeply discounted yarn. Here I am trying to resist full priced yarn just because I really really want it and the dyer runs out so quickly.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ummm that's such a good deal on sock yarn, I think you've be breaking Austere August by NOT buying!!! said...

Where have I're back!!! So happy to see you on here again. I've always been many pairs of socks do you have? You have been knitting them for years. I have heard of that hat pattern and I may just have to join that KAL! What fun and I have time to prep for it too. I like your basket of blues but you knit what makes you happy! Hugs ~ Sam

Lucy Bowen said...

The hat KAL sounds like a great idea and beautiful garage sale yarn does not count - it is good for the environment that you are repurposing the yarn!

HighlandHeffalump said...

I think someone else in the YOP group has knit one of those hats, I had no idea it was written for so many yarn choices. That makes it quite appealing. Good luck with the KAL.