Friday, May 29, 2009

now for something completely different

As promised, it's not a hat. In fact, it's the beginnings of a baby blanket using Noro Iro that I picked up at Knit-Knackers in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. In just a few short rows the colours have gone from peach to brick red to deep indigo blue and now are wandering towards violet. And olive green lies just ahead. My first Noro project, and so far the yarn doesn't disappoint. Unlike so many other variegated yarns, the colours never seem to go yucky at transitions.

And so far, the Cielo Baby Blanket doesn't disappoint either. It's simple enough to let the Noro take the spotlight. The yarn thickness varies, the colours shift quickly and it's super bulky and fuzzy - a nightmare for an intricate pattern. Woo Hoo. Look at me knitting Noro!

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