Saturday, May 2, 2009


Ahem. Mr Fasset? Sorry, but I'm not loving your Design Line Mirage Fog colourway. The colours pooled at the cuff, then striped for a while, and then went back to pooling. And, is it just me, or is the overall effect that of a greasy rag from an auto mechanic's shop? Add to that knitting with the recommended needles ends up way too small, and what else is there to do but rip it out and start again.

Next yarn? Estelle Cadenza, in tone on tone scarlet. On the next needles size up. This yarn is a merino/silk blend, and this is the first time I've tried it. It's lovely soft - almost feels like a chenille on my fingers. Not nearly as stretchy and springy as most yarns, but knits like a dream. Except, wouldn't you know it, this yarn is pooling too! No kidding! The tone on tone part is all on one side of the sock, and on the other side, completely solid colour. It just looks odd. And I really can't continue with it like this. Just odd.

Deep breath. Maybe I should put this pattern aside for a bit and knit something else? Yes, I'll knit something else. At least until my frustration level ebbs.

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Susan said...

Oh I hate when that happens! Try a few more or less stitches, sometimes that helps.