Thursday, May 21, 2009

Andrew's Charity Hats

Through the Ravelry group The Greater Good I learned about Andrew - a 10 year old North Carolinian who's very active in community service. With a grant from he's collecting baby hats for Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. How great is that?

For my first hat I'm using this pattern for an eyelet rib hat. With Wendy 4ply in a blue print from my stash I've cast on and worked the picot border. Very clever, this picot border - provisional cast on, knit stockinette with a middle row of lace, then knit top and bottom together to create double thick border with picot edge. A bit finicky to do at this small size and in the round, but I love the result.

And, of course, the Easiest Ever Baby Blanket is ready to send to the Warm Hands Network. Now that it's blocked and done I like the pattern even more than when I was knitting it. I'm still a bit disappointed in this colourway from Dream In Color - a bit bland I think. But the yarn was lovely to knit.

My plan is to focus on baby hats for a couple of weeks - the official mail by date is June 20th but since I'm shipping cross border I think I'd better plan to ship at least a week earlier. Once the hats are done and shipped, I should have time to complete a couple more baby blankets in time for the September shipment to Labrador. After that? Time to start thinking about Christmas knitting I suppose!

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