Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a finished blanket

The blanket's done, blocked and drying now. It looks very nice now that the lace pattern has opened up. Final size after blocking? 36" x 40 with less than a metre of yarn left. Despite my false starts, it has finished very nicely and I'm very pleased. Tomorrow I'll take some better pictures to show the whole blanket.

The next baby blanket will be from the Noro I bought a couple of days ago. I've been pondering what kind of pattern would be best for this very colourful yarn, and have settled on this Cielo blanket by Lisa Desseault. A simple pattern to let the yarn shine! Hard to visualize, so I plan to cast on a knit a few repeats to see how it looks - an extra large patterned gauge swatch, I suppose.

Progress also continues on my first Red Rocket sock. I've been taking it slowly, trying to be very careful to follow the pattern without error. I've knit the leg and heel flap, turned the heel and am 10 rows into the gusset. After the short rows of the heel turn the instructions say "18 heel sts rem." And then the set-up round for the gusset accounts for only 16 sts from the heel. I've read it over and over again but can't make sense of it, so I'm concluding the set-up round is wrong. Won't make much difference - just one more decrease round on the gusset to bring me to the correct number of stitches for the foot. It's disconcerting, that's all.

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suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the blanket looks great, and I for one love the colour.