Sunday, April 17, 2011

the sweater blues

It's the blues alright. I've run short of blue yarn - not enough left to finish the second sleeve and definitely not enough to knit the collar and button bands. Drat!

I had a feeling this might happen though, and I have a plan. This morning I picked out the bind off on the first sleeve and I'm ripping back 4 rows. The sleeves look generously long, so I suspect that even after making them 4 rows shorter they'll still fit the average adult. With the salvaged yarn I can finish the last 2.5 rows of the second sleeve, with a bit left over to sew up the seams.

The collar and button bands are going to be grey instead of blue - the grey used in the colourwork pattern. I have lots and lots of grey hanging to dry over the upstairs tub. Even Gavin agrees, grey instead of blue should look okay. Besides, what other choice do I have? I'm not prepared to rip out the whole sweater to reknit at a smaller size! It will look okay, won't it?


CTJen said...

argh! How frustrating! I'm sure the gray will look great, though. :-)

WildflowerWool said...

Phew,thank goodness you have enough of the contrast colour to finish. I am sure it will look fine.

Caffeine Girl said...

I have yet to run out of yarn on a project, but I know my day will come. I hope I'm as enterprising as you about compensating!