Sunday, October 18, 2009

a busy Saturday

The Leafs sank to new depths last night losing to the NY Rangers to bring their record to 0-7 for the season. Even if the Leaf forwards weren't productive through the game, I was; I finished my Easy Eyelet socks and knit two more snowball Christmas decorations. The socks look cute and comfortable - I'm quite happy with them. And I'm still infatuated with the Christmas decorations. Every scrap of novelty yarn in the house may be knitted into decorations in the coming weeks!

But it was a busy day yesterday. Up before dawn to head out to work for a few hours. Then up to my sister's to catch up with my nephew, so that his parents could spend some time at the hospital with a sick friend. And then off to the dealership to pick up MY NEW CAR!!! Even as I think it, I can hear the announcer describing the Showcase prizes on the Price Is Right exclaim "... A NEW CAR!!!"


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

cool car, and at least you got your socks done even if your team were less than awesome

Anonymous said...

Great post, Lynn. Your blog continues to dazzle. And the new car looks great -- a friend rented one for the weekend and really liked it so it looks like you've made a great choice. Look forward to seeing you this weekend!