Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Umaro by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed
knit with 6.5 mm needles from donated Mary Maxim Titan bulky yarn. No modifications; knit exactly as written. Finished size: 36" x 44" before washing or blocking, although, it's acrylic so I don't imagine the size is going to change much.

The blanket is very striking - everyone who sees it raves about it. Knit on large needles with bulky yarn, it takes no time at all. One thing? By the time you reach the last few repeats the blanket gets really, really heavy on the needles. Not recommended for someone with shoulder or arm impairments! And imagine, the pattern is actually written for super bulky yarn, so if you used the recommended yarn it'd be even larger and heavier.

More than likely I'd knit it again; it really is a very satisfying knit. But next time I'm saving up for some really nice yarn. Maybe that Mission Falls 1824 Superwash aran yarn in my stash is meant to be knit in this pattern. Hmm, maybe.


kathy b said...

I think it is very impressive looking. I appreciate the wrist/arm warning however! I always have to watch for that.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! Simply beautiful!

Louise said...

That turned out great. I can imagine it would get very heavy....and hot.

Maria said...

A very pretty blanket. Looks like a lot of work