Friday, May 20, 2011


The way this hat turned out is not exactly as I visualized. When the hat is worn with the brimmed turned up the first grey stripe covers most of the second dark blue and the third light blue stripes making the hat look almost entirely grey. If I were to do another, I'd change the order of the stripes to mix it up better. It's a disappointing because I like to think I'm good at visualizing how something will look.

There's a similar struggle going on with visualizing a new paint colour for the kitchen. Suddenly on Wednesday I concluded the kitchen needed an accent colour - one wall painted a different colour than the rest - and my first inclination was, as always, green. Yesterday I brought home a fistful of paint chips - some greens and some browns. This morning I PhotoShopped each colour onto a kitchen photo only to decide that all the greens look jarring. Instead we'll go with dark grey-brown, a colour which complements the countertop and the colour Gavin picked in the first place. I'm not at all confident, but what's the worst that can happen? We still have enough of the original colour to repaint it back if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Oh God bless you on the painting. I HATE picking paint colors. I have absolutely NO talent at visualization when it comes to paint. Ask my poor husband about the school bus yellow bathroom????

That only lasted a day. Poor man had to repaint the next day. We couldn't stand the glare!

Magical Jane said...


I've some extra neon pink if you like - makes a wonderful accent ;)