Sunday, May 15, 2011

a dye job

With the purple blanket at its last couple of repeats (honestly) I started to think about what to knit next. I have enough Lopi for two more sweaters but several skeins were a natural white. The Warm Hands Network is quite clear in their guidelines that they prefer colours that hide dirt and wear - no white or light colours. So dying up seven of the skeins seemed like a good idea.

I've filled the sink with 18 litres of warm water, added lots of salt and dissolved three dylon dark green dye packets. The skeins have been soaking for about 25 minutes now, and so far it looks like exactly the colour I'd hoped for. With the yarn wet like this it's hard to tell though, we'll see in a few a days when the skeins are dry.

Also, if you're ever acting in a play and need to simulate a gangrenous effect in your fingers I know just the trick thanks to a small hole in the middle finger of the right glove.

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MarkWWNB said...

Please don't show us the finger, OK? But the dye job looks good!