Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the new moon in Gemini

From Tracy's Astro Salon: Elementally, Gemini is air and because it is the first air sign of the zodiac, it is all about our first thoughts which tend to be all about number one. “Let me connect for me and my interests.” ... How wind translates to us personally is through communication and connections... What blows into our life for the next 28 days will be new connections. Not just the people but the connections that happens in our brain. We ‘get’ stuff like we never got it before.

With this new moon in Gemini I'm hoping to get organized on the handful of half-baked pattern ideas I have churning about in my mind and on my needles. Mom used to say some days things just won't "go" and other days things just fall into place; no sense in trying to "force it". Today I feel like some of these stalled projects will do just that - fall into place. Fingers crossed.

The TUSAL jar is getting very full, possibly because the scraps of bulky yarn from the hats I've been knitting are so voluminous. Yesterday I knit pot scrubbers. Way back in September I made a test scrubber from Phentex yarn and we've been using it non-stop; time for a couple of replacements. My first scrubber is in the dishwasher; there's still a bit of scrub left in it.

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Louise said...

It is always good when things fall into place. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your projects!