Saturday, May 7, 2011

along the waterfront trail

On an afternoon walk by the waterfront trail I managed to snap this picture of one of the fox cubs before it disappeared into the lair. Cute, huh? Too bad my pictures of the local groundhog aren't worth posting. The groundhog was not moving far from the burrow - probably protecting a litter of young ones - and almost deafened us with high pitched whistles when we approached.

I've received another large donation of yarn from the ladies at the local community centre - this time a bag of bulky acrylic yarn. It's all from the same dyelot in an off white shade and there's about 800 yds. It's not a yarn I would have purchased for myself but when I saw it I thought "Umaro". Oh dear, my queue just gets longer and longer.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great shot! Dave and I saw a fox going through one of the vineyards last weekend, but we weren't in a position to get a picture!

Anonymous said...

Great shot! What a cute little fox.