Saturday, May 21, 2011

mountain elk

Behr 740D-6 Mountain Elk was the colour we decided on. Although, when I took the chip to the Benjamin Moore store to have paint mixed, I almost changed my mind. The paint chip looked khaki under those lights! But here at home on the accent wall in my kitchen it's a muted grey-brown that makes me think of bittersweet chocolate shavings. Perfect.

There's another hat on the needles - this time using up the last bits of grey in an initial stripe and then working through all my odd balls of dark blue for the remainder of the hat. Just a few more hats to go before this Norspun yarn is completely knit up. Knitting this simple hat pattern over and over has proved quite relaxing, but I'd better get back to my purple blanket pretty soon. I'm sooooo close to finishing it.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It always amazes me what a difference light can do to a colour. It's the same when we dye. The studio is fluorescent, but they always look different when I get them home!

kathy b said...

I like to repeat a pattern a few times over too! Cute hat