Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the new moon in Taurus

With the new moon, it's time for a TUSAL update. Turns out, not much has changed in my little jar. With russian joins as I switch balls on this blanket, no ends have been created so far. And with my Herringbone rib socks still progressing slowly, no ends there either. Thinking back, I used every inch of scrap yarn on my Lopi sweater to complete the seams, didn't I? More often than not, I was digging out scraps from my TUSAL jar to tie off skeins of Lopi before washing instead of adding anything to the jar.

Astrologers tell us that the new moon in Taurus means that "available energy moves from the inspirational to the practical." The seeds that were planted last month take root and experience solid growth. Hmm, maybe. I do seem to be knitting the things in my queue rather than adding to my queue. Socks are being knit, blankets being completed, Lopi yarn being washed and knit. And as a result the pile of finished objects for the September shipment of the Warm Hands Network is growing. All good.


Delusional Knitter said...

Sounds fantastic! Maybe that's what is causing me to finally get some stuff accomplished :o)

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comment on my blog:

I'm not sure anyone even noticed I was taking pictures of the bananas. The store wasn't very busy.

I did, however, have a terrible craving for a banana and had to buy some. LOL

Louise said...

Sounds like you are getting lots done. Good for you!