Sunday, May 1, 2011

the frolic

In just over an hour I'm picking up Shirley and we're heading to the Frolic - the Downtown Knit Collective's annual event. The marketplace at the Frolic gathers a wide assortment of local vendors; that's what were going for. This morning I prepared my shopping list:

i) a ball of Jojoland Melody superwash so that I can finish my latest scrappy lengthwise scarf

ii) needles for another Lopi sweater. I've decided to knit the next one in the round, but I don't have circs nearly large enough

iii) needles for the planned fleeced earflap hat(s)

And if some sock yarn happens to fall into my shopping basket, I'm going to try to make sure there's enough yardage in a subtle enough colourway for some Bayerische socks.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Why do I think there is not a chance in the world that sock yarn won't be a BIG part of the day? LOL