Thursday, May 26, 2011

surrounded by hats

Dark hats and light hats, striped hats and solid hats; hats everywhere. Well, maybe not quite everywhere but I have been busy producing quite a pile of hats. With bulky yarn and big needles it only takes a day to make a hat. By bedtime tonight I should be through the last of the Norspun and finishing off the last of these watch caps.

Turns out May has been a pretty good month for knitting up the bulky yarns in my stash. Just as well to knit this stuff before the weather turns too hot and humid. There's still enough Lopi for two more sweaters; I wonder whether I should start one this week?

Also with the little wee hats for the Big Knit, I'm also making good inroads on my stash of baby wool. Maybe I'd better turn my attention to finishing up those next.


Dee said...

Those are some pretty great hats. Congrats on finishing them up.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those will definitely help keep some heads warm this winter!