Wednesday, May 18, 2011

two very different hats

One more hat for StreetKnit, now in light blue. Today's going to be a mini-hat day, I think. Andrea is likely to accost me the minute I walk in the door at work for pompom-making supplies, so I'd better produce several more little hats to wear these pompoms.

I've been playing with beehive shaped mini hats - with coils made from 3 rounds of purl stitches separated by two knit rounds. I've found that changing colours by means of a Russian join on the first knit row entirely hides the join and results in a multi-colour hat with just two ends to sew in. Perfect. It's cute, isn't it? But it's got me thinking about knitting this pattern in yellow and attaching a honeybee charm.

I'm having lunch today with Jane - she's sure to have some thoughts about honeybee charms and other things.

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