Sunday, May 29, 2011


Go karts rides + pop and pizza + an arcade = now that's a recipe for manic kids. Everyone had fun though and the injuries were pretty minor. A pretty good day, I'd say, but very tiring!

There's a different kind of mania on the knitting front - it's Russian join mania. That's the join I adopted on the Estonian Starflower Lace blanket and it's working out great on this Umaro blanket as well. In this case, though, I am cutting out one ply on each end at the join to reduce the bulkiness a bit. The resulting joins are undetectable within the fabric of the blanket so I'm pleased. It's also nice to have just two ends to weave in after casting off.

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Louise said...

Isn't the Russian join the best thing! (well after wet splicing it is). Anything to help decrease the amount of tails to weave in is wonderful!