Friday, September 26, 2008

with someone in mind

Each project is knitted with someone in mind. The pattern details might say "Make me for Patti - she loves Fair Isle." Or a yarn colour may say "I'm Janice's favourite colour - how about something for her?" Or I decide "Elizabeth would love handmade socks for Christmas - cast on something special for her."

So when the Knit Along group determines sock pattern, it puts me a bit on the spot. Because they aren't the patterns I would pick. Considerations of learning new techniques and availability of the pattern take high priority for a group like this.

But when the Express Lane socks were selected a name popped into my head. For the weeks that I struggled with the toe, the idea of finishing these and giving them as a gift seemed far-fetched. But now that they're back on track, now that my doubts about these socks have been quieted, the name is back in my head. I can't tell you the name - it's going to be a surprise - but I think she'll love'em. And really, what's more traditional for Christmas than socks?

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