Monday, September 15, 2008

straight to plan C

Just one of those days, I suppose. The Ford dealership quoted $1G to replace a $65 sensor. Oh, I don't think so. Nearly missed my train when they rerouted it to the south platform from the usual north platform. Don't they know announcements are wasted on those of us with iPods? And then there were my sock woes...

Shortly before Guildwood station I admitted I wasn't happy with this sock. The toe was wider than the instep - the toe was worked in rows, so blame my deplorably loose purl rows. And then there was that ridge where I picked up stitches from my provisional cast on - I tried to convince myself to let this go, but it was still bugging me. While struggling through the toe and heel, I clung to the hope that blocking would even out some of the bulging decreases. All the while the whole sock felt too small, although I tried to ignore that too. Deep breath, rip it out, start again.

For my next trick, I'm going to knit Express Lane Socks with Cottage Craft Blackberry wool. I'm going to knit the toe with smaller needles than the instep. I'm going to be very careful about how I pick up stitches and how I do the short rows for the toe and the heel. And I'm gonna save the handpainted yarn until I get better at knitting socks.

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