Tuesday, September 2, 2008

comfy comfy socks

Just before running out of yarn, I finished my comfy socks. And it was really close! Holding my breath through the last few rounds at the toe. Glancing nervously at the dwindling pile of yarn. Pondering how to approach the subject in my blog.

But the socks are finished. And comfy is exactly what they are! With rib down the leg and across the top of the foot, the socks stretch in every direction for a great fit. And for once, my socks are long enough from heel to toe for my extra-long feet.

Really, it's good there's no yarn left. There's never enough for another project. And, after my East Coast trip, my stash is overflowing. I just wish I hadn't spent the last several rounds worrying.


Catherine said...

Oooh, those look like they will be really cozy in cold weather! Nice job.

madonnaearth said...

Are they similar to the Clapotis? I love the heathered look of them, and bless you for not running out of yarn. There's been a few times I've went ahead and unraveled my swatches just to be on the safe side.

I finished the sock toes pictoral on my site, if you're interested.

Much easier than it sounds, I assure you! lol I tend to get a little wordy and overcomplicate things sometimes, but this time I restrained myself, short of working on the pictures.

Susan said...

I hate when you get that sinking feeling that there just isn't going to be enough yarn. It spoils the fun of knitting. The socks look great! I like the ribbing on the foot, too. They do fit really well.