Wednesday, September 3, 2008

stash busting

When I said my stash was overflowing, I wasn't kidding. There's yarn everywhere ... in my clothes cupboard ... on the kitchen counter ... in bags in the front hall ... even at Mom's! So that's it! No more yarn shopping until I've worked my way through what I have!

Several weeks ago, I picked up some Be Sweet Bamboo at the Knit Café. Gorgeous - silky soft and luscious green. But what do with 3 skeins of worsted weight bamboo? A bit thick for socks, I think. And not warm enough for mittens. Definitely not enough for a sweater or vest.

Searching Ravelry for patterns using small amounts of worsted yarn, I happened on Chicabean Scarf by The Kelly Green Rogue ( Some cables, some openwork - it's gonna be great! And like a kid on Christmas morning, no sooner had I printed the pattern, then I had to cast on and knit the first repeat. All the while congratulating myself for using yarn from my stash.

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