Monday, September 29, 2008

a little celebration

One down, one to go!
Hurray! Wasn't sure I'd ever get to this point!

The sock fits nicely. The cuff is just right - snug enough to stay up without constricting. The leaf pattern flows perfectly into the ribbing at the top of the cuff. The bottom of the foot is uninterrupted stockinette for comfort. And the finished sock looks nice. The pattern is quite striking - it climbs from toe to cuff on the front of the sock, and heel to cuff on the back. The soft, foggy lavender colour is lovely. And the yarn has bamboo content for a sock that's cool and breathable.

But there's one more to go... no good having a sock without a mate. I won't fall prey to "Second Sock Syndrome". I won't! I won't! (stamping foot) I won't! The second sock will be started in the next couple of days. And maybe finished by the beginning of next week!

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Susan said...

Looks great! I love to make socks and so I always enjoy the second one, too. And thanks so much for your support on my terrible mishap with the Seascape. I'm much better now, with the help from all of you supporting me.