Friday, September 19, 2008

something completely different

As a break from Express Lane socks, I decided to try something completely different. Something small, quick and fun. Something not frustrating. Something to use up scraps of yarn. A dish cloth seemed like just the thing!

While searching Ravelry for stash-busting projects, I found Bobbles the Sheep cloth by Rhonda K. White. Too funny! Looks easy, doesn't take much yarn and I get to learn how to do bobbles at the same time. And look how cute it is! A few of these would make nice stocking stuffers. Or a hostess gift.

In just over an hour, while watching The Love Guru on DVD, I cast on and knit about half of the dishcloth. My review? The movie is hilarious. And so is the dishcloth.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this entry. Very funny.