Saturday, September 13, 2008

fingers crossed

While checking out Hurricane Ike coverage this morning, I worked at finishing my Chicabean scarf. Taking a tip from the pattern for my BYOB bag, I split the yarn tails and sewed 3-4 plys in at a time. Hopefully that'll keep the tails from working themselves out over time.

But it still needs to be blocked. I guess I'm dragging my feet a bit, 'cause I'm not really sure how I'm gonna do it. On the forums people have warned that bamboo swells when soaked, so I'm leaning towards steam blocking between damp tea towels. I'll give it a go tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I swatched with my handpainted yarn - just to see. Wow - it's awesome! There's always the chance that the colours could pool as the sock progresses ... if it happens, I'll go to plan B - a solid lilac colour sock yarn But if it doesn't pool these socks will be fantastic! Time to take a chance, I think.

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