Wednesday, September 10, 2008

handpainted colours

September's Sock for my Knit Along Group has been chosen .... Express Lane! An easy pattern with a beautiful leaf pattern running down the front of the sock from cuff to toe. And it's a toe-up sock - something I've never done before - so I'm keen to get started and see how that works.

The pattern designer remarks " ... looks great in solids or multi, so you can use all that patterned yarn that would be lost in a fancier design." With that thought, I spread the yarns of my stash around me to decide which to use. In New Brunswick at Cricket Cove, I bought some handpainted sock yarn. I've looked at it again and again, worrying ... maybe it's too bright? Too loud? Too wild? And wondered if I would ever find the project for it. Maybe this is the one?

What to do? Guess I'd better rewind the hank into a ball and knit a swatch. And see what I get. No way of knowing whether I'll like or not, until I've done that. But if the look of the ball I got from rewinding is anything to go by, it's going to be fantastic!

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More socks, my dear.....