Monday, September 1, 2008

wasn't expecting that

Except for the drive from Rivière du Loup to Cornwall ... hours where I couldn't retrieve my dpn from where it fell under the driver's seat ... progress on my comfy bamboo socks has been quite steady and uneventful. Or so I thought!

A nice, portable project to occupy the seemingly endless hours of driving. A pattern simple enough to knit without a great deal of concentration. No problem to start and finish ahead of the September Knit-A-Long. But as I pulled on the first sock to model it for Gavin, I watched in horror as a dropped stitch unravelled through the decrease rows of the gusset, back to the picked up stitches at the edge of the heel flap, to leave a laddered hole and 3 orphaned stitches.

They're secured on a safety pin now - to put a stop to any more unravelling. So I'm gonna be learning a lesson or two about how to fix dropped stitches today. And maybe that old lesson about pride going before a fall.

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