Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the final stretch

I feel bad for complaining about boredom a few days ago. Because my Chicabean scarf's working out really well. Despite how split-prone and slippery the yarn is, the scarf is knitting up quite quickly. With less than a skein left, it measures 38"... so the final length should be about perfect. And it is soooo soft.

The simple combo of cables and lace is really nice. Nothing I like better than matching columns of left and right cables. The Bamboo holds the cable architecture well - neatly defined stitches, nothing wishy-washy about it. And with it's slight silkiness, the light reflects smoothly off the knitted work to show the cables beautifully. Very pretty ... even Gavin says so.

For the next couple of days, I'm going to quietly and patiently work at this little scarf. And enjoy the knitting of this pattern and this yarn. Because it really is working out very well. And it's going to make a beautiful Christmas present. No more complaints. Promise.

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Susan said...

Sometimes it's nice just to knit something that is simple, and think.
I've nominated you for a Brilliant Blog Award. Details on my blog.