Saturday, September 6, 2008

should have asked Mom first

Each morning of my Fredericton vacation, I munched Shreddies in my brother's kitchen and admired a charming knit tea cozy gracefully draped over a Brown Betty teapot. And I imagined this was some heirloom lovingly passed to my sister-in-law from a beloved elderly female relative. A family treasure.

A couple times I considered asking to borrow it. Simple enough pattern ... I could probably reverse engineer it. No! To respect the designer's copyright, I'd better search out the original pattern and pay the asking price.

After searching Ravelry in vain - using both the American and British spellings of "Cozy/Cosy" - I almost gave up. At Spun Fibre Arts today, I asked Mom to look for Tea Cozy patterns. Imagine my surprise when she informed me that she knitted Patti's "heirloom"! Later, at her apartment, she pulled the pattern from some papers in her bookcase and handed it to me. A Tea Cozy or two, and some coffee cup warmers - add them to the list of stash-busting projects.

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