Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it all comes together

Fourth time's the charm! The crochet cast-on worked perfectly - the cast-on is invisible and the waste yarn really did unzip just like they said it would. And the ybp1 yarn-over pairs now look just like their knitted cousins. So the toe of first sock is done, as well as the first repeat of the chart across the instep. Which is great. And now I'm excited about this sock again - which is also great.

There's a feeling of relief in my household. And it's not just me. Gavin had a look at this latest sock effort and expressed his enthusiasm. "Hmmph" he grunted, "Why didn't you do it that way in the first place?"

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Susan said...

Love all the helpful man comments! I get those, too. Makes me want to smack him. The best is "I thought you liked knitting, why are you upset about ripping it out? You just get to knit more."