Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a fresh start

This morning I've made a fresh start on my Express Lane socks. With a shiny new crochet hook I've cast-on following this You Tube video. Now I'm starting my short rows with tips for working the yarn over pairs from the pictures in this blog. Fourth time is gonna be lucky, I know it!

I'll be happy when these socks are done. Not just because I'm sick of them and eager to go onto something else. But, because I've worked hard to learn these new techniques. And I've been quite determined about doing them right and not taking any shortcuts.

But I wish I could feel confident that I'll be happy with the socks themselves. Not because of the pattern - it's nice enough. But because the toe-up construction creates a toe that's very squared off across the centre. Nothing like the shape of my foot. So I can't really see how they're going to be comfortable. Guess I'll just push those thoughts aside for now and carry on.

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