Friday, September 19, 2008


Yeah, I'm still struggling with toe up construction for my Express Lane socks. This time, I started with an "open cast on" from - it's better, but there's still a line. Think I'll try that again. And the sides of the short rows with yfK1 yarnover pairs look neat, tidy and tight. So I figure I'm doing that right. But the other sides - the ybP1 yarnover pairs - they look lumpy, so I'm not convinced that I'm doing these right. Back to Internet tutorials for that, I guess.

The good news? The yarn is definitely a better choice for these socks. It's much easier to see the stitches than with the fuzzier wools of earlier attempts. Easier to be sure not to split the yarn, too. And lighter and smoother, which should make the toe of the sock more comfortable. And the needle size and the gauge look right as well. Sorry Paul Bunyan - no socks for you!

Nothing's been ripped out yet. Mom's going to have a good look and give me her two cents. But it will be ripped out and tried once more. Because I want to be happy with these socks when I'm done. After all this hard work, it'd be a shame to settle for less.

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