Saturday, February 18, 2012

FO: Windschief Hat

Turns out this Windschief hat takes no time at all to knit. I've made two in the past two days, since after knitting one I had enough yarn leftover for the second one. It's a simple pattern but very effective I think. And the result is an interesting but still masculine hat.

The yarn is Bernat Satin - a pleasure to work with not just because it's soft, but also because it gives very crisp stitch definition. Because the yarn's acrylic it's not suitable for donation to the Warm Hands Network, so I'm considering donating these hats to instead. Halos of Hope is another option, but in a worsted weight maybe these hats are too warm for use as chemo caps?

I've knit exactly as written for the medium size, but if I do a third I think I'll start the crown decreases a half inch sooner. Right now it's falling into Gavin's eyes. There are lots of worsted remnants in my stash, so there'll definitely be more hats but I think I might try Jared Flood's Koolhaas hat pattern next. It's pretty cool looking too! And Jared's patterns are always really well written and thoroughly tested, so I don't mind buying it.

Now I'd better get back to the socks I've got on needles. Tomorrow I'm supposed to post my progress update for Year of Projects and unless I get motivated, there won't be much to report!


Anonymous said...

I really like that hat. Simple, but with an interesting twist to the top.

Very pretty (or should I say very HANDSOME!).

Unknown said...

Woman! I need to parcel out some of my knitting to you! You are a demon. Love the hat. Jared's Koolhase will be even better.

heather said...

vIt may be a simple pattern but it looks very cool!!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

It looks great. Koolhaas is a lovely pattern too