Monday, December 14, 2009

emergency sweater: reloaded

A quick trip to Dundas and Ancaster on Saturday put me back on course with the emergency Christmas sweater. True to their word, the Needle Emporium had dozens of balls of the colourway and dyelot that I was after - thank goodness! Reloaded with yarn, I was able to complete the first sleeve on Sunday and make a good start on the second. It's a cap sleeve - something very common is sewn garments, but not something I've ever knit before. I've matched it up to the armholes on the front and back, and it looks like it'll all fit together fine.

And we stopped in for coffee to see my brother's new home in Dundas. It's very nice - big, bright sunlit rooms with high ceilings overlooking Spencer Creek. Must feel great for his family of two adults and two teens to be out of the two bed/one bath apartment of the last several months!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The Needle Emporium is my favourite LYS - even though it's about 45 minutes from my home and there is a LYS 10 minutes from my home. But i am a little biased, Julie (the owner) has known me since I was seven years old (my mom knits for her)
Dundas is a beautiful place to live - Dave and I almost bought a house there a few years ago

Mark said...

Thought you meant Ottawa when you first mentioned a road trip near your brother's new house but nice to know it was less of a drive for you. Take any pictures of the new place? We've been begging for them. And, by the way, the knitting looks great too!

One pair of Hands said...

Glad you're on track again.

Frieda said...

You're quite the speedy knitter ! Glad you were able to get enough yarn to get it done . Beautiful colours too BTW.