Sunday, November 2, 2008

fudge ripples

After visiting the Fredericton Farmer's Market, and after warming up over coffee and hot chocolates at Tim's we visited the LYS again. And this time I couldn't resist.

I bought Patons Stretch Sock yarn and started on Porphyria fingerless gloves. And in consideration of the extra large size of my hands I've increased the number of stitches by about 20% - which works out to 2 extra pattern panels. And so far so good.

I know I promised never to buy variegated yarn again - at least not without seeing a swatch. But I did, and so far I'm not regretting it. As it knits up it looks a lot like fudge ripple ice cream. Pretty yummy!


Anonymous said...

You bought MORE wool?

Susan said...

I like the variegated yarns in a simple stitch. That looks great, a lot like chocolate.