Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ready, set

I'm in the starting blocks for my Taiga sweater. I've rewound and balled the first three hanks of yarn. And knitted a gauge swatch to confirm my needle sizes. I've read the pattern through to make sure I understand it. And checked the finished dimensions of the garment to adjust them to my size - I'll have to knit a couple extra inches on the body and sleeves.

More than anything I want to make sure I've taken every step I can to ensure that this goes smoothly. It's a big project - a sweater. A fair bit of money invested in the yarn, a not inconsiderable amount in the pattern book, and then the untold hours of knitting. Diligent preparation will avert frustration later. Imagine if it didn't fit! Or didn't hang right?

Funny, I usually can't wait to start new things. It usually takes all my self-control to finish one project before casting on the next. But not at the moment. I'm almost afraid to start. Maybe I'll rewind a few more hanks before casting on the first sleeve.

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